Ristorante Belluccio's

Fish Restaurant Milano

Ristorante Belluccio’s: a story of passion with international experience


belluccio-s-interno-b5d84Among the seafood restaurants in Milan, Belluccio’s is a point of reference: in our restaurant lovers of fine cuisine based on fresh fish can find seafood salads, tuna fresh, risottos, fresh pasta ..

The restaurant also offers international cuisine enriched by many regional dishes, proposed under the “season”. The seasonality of supply guarantees the freshness of all the products and the wide variety of the menu. The best “workhorse” of the local are raw fish, the handmade pasta and homemade desserts. In the “right” moment of the season we propose also mushrooms and truffles, local meat, Chianina and Piemontese, the cut of meat-bone, so as not to miss the classic veal cutlet Milanese.
The kitchen is enriched with lamb chops, grilled sausage and our mixed meat with grilled vegetables and fabulous steaks grilled: how not taste the Osso Buco Milanese veal?

The cellar offers both the best Italian wines, red and white, is the most important foreign brands. Excellent “selection” of French champagne.